Organising Committee

Mathieu d'Aquin



Mathieu d’Aquin is a Research Fellow at the Knowledge Media Institute of the The Open University. He obtained is PhD in 2005 from the University of Nancy, France, where he worked on concrete applications of semantic technologies in the medical domain. He is now leading research around concrete solutions for the realization of applications producing and consuming linked data, as well as on more fundamental aspects of the Semantic Web (ontology modularization, evolution and matching, Semantic Web reasoning and analysis). He has been a key member in a number of European projects applying linked data and Semantic Web technologies in a variety of concrete scenarios. He was also director of the LUCERO project responsible for setting up the Open University’s Linked Data platform – Mathieu d’Aquin was Vice-Chair for the 2010 conference on Web Intelligence, Chair of the Ontology Track at the Extended Semantic Web Conference 2011, Vice-director of the International Summer School on Ontological Reasoning and the Semantic Web in 2009 and 2011, senior programme committee member for the International Semantic Web Conference in 2011, Poster and Demo chair of EKAW 2012. He will also be program chair for the K-CAP 2013 conference in Banff, Canada. Mathieu d’Aquin was recognised in 2011 as one of the 10 most promising young researchers in artificial intelligence, through the “AI 10 to watch” award from the prestigious magazine IEEE Intelligent Systems, and has won numerous other awards especially related to innovative applications of semantic technologies.


Oscar Corcho



Oscar Corcho is an Associate Professor at Departamento de Inteligencia Artificial (Facultad de Informática , Universidad Politécnica de Madrid), and he belongs to the Ontology Engineering Group.
His research activities are focused on Semantic e-Science and Real World Internet, although he also works in the more general areas of Semantic Web and Ontological Engineering. In these areas, he has participated in a number of EU projects (Wf4Ever, PlanetData, SemsorGrid4Env, ADMIRE, OntoGrid, Esperonto, Knowledge Web and OntoWeb), and Spanish R&D projects (CENITS mIO!, España Virtual and Buscamedia, myBigData, GeoBuddies), and has also participated in privately-funded projects like ICPS (International Classification of Patient Safety), funded by the World Health Organisation, and HALO, funded by Vulcan Inc.

Previously, he worked as a Marie Curie research fellow at the University of Manchester, and was a research manager at iSOCO. He holds a degree in Computer Science, an MSc in Software Engineering and a PhD in Computational Science and Artificial Intelligence from UPM. He was awarded the Third National Award by the Spanish Ministry of Education in 2001.

He has published several books, from which “Ontological Engineering” can be highlighted as it is being used as a reference book in a good number of university lectures worldwide, and more than 100 papers in journals, conferences and workshops. He usually participates in the organisation or in the programme committees of relevant international conferences and workshops.

Valentina Presutti



Valentina Presutti received her Ph.D in Computer Science in 2006 at the University of Bologna (Italy). Currently, she is a researcher at the Semantic Technology Laboratory of the National Research Council (CNR) in Rome. Her research is currently focused on extracting knowledge patterns from the Web. She has worked as one of the key researchers in EU funded projects such as NeOn and IKS, for the latter she is the scientific responsible of the CNR partner team. She started the initiative, which she actively participates in as one of the editors in chief. She has published in international journals/conferences/workshops on topics such as semantic web and ontology design. She also teaches “Knowledge Management” at the University of Bologna. She works as consultant for private and public organizations. Her research interests include semantic web, ontology design, collaborative knowledge/content management, and ontology-based software engineering.

Support Team

Enrico Daga

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Support Team Member

Enrico Daga is a Project Officer working on Linked Data at the Knowledge Media Institute of the Open University. His is in particular responsible for the maintenance and evolution of . Enrico is also doing a PhD on linked data integration, maintenance and reuse. He previously worked at the Italian National Research Council as “Technology Expert”, where he developed a mature technological background especially in client-server environments.

Anna Lisa Gentile


Support Team Member

Anna Lisa Gentile is a Research Associate in the oak research group at The University of Sheffield, Department of Computer Science. Her research interests include Information Extraction, Named Entities, Semantic Web, Linked Data. She is currently working on the LODIE project: Web Scale Information Extraction via Linked Open Data, funded by EPSRC.

Andrea Nuzzoles


Support Team Member

Andrea Giovanni Nuzzolese is a Ph.D. Student in Computer Science at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of the University of Bologna, working on Knowledge Pattern extraction in a Web context. He is also member of the Semantic Technology Laboratory of the ISTC-CNR and a committer of the Apache Software Foundation through contributing to the Apache Stanbol Project aimed at providing a set of reusable components for semantic content management

Silvio Peroni


Support Team Member

Silvio Peroni holds a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and he is a post-doc at the University of Bologna. He is one of the main developers of SPAR (Semantic Publishing and Referencing) Ontologies that permit RDF descriptions of bibliographic entities, citations, reference collections and library catalogues, the structural and rhetorical components of documents, and roles, statuses and workflows in publishing. Among his research interests are Semantic Web technologies, markup languages for complex documents, design patterns for digital documents and ontology modelling, and automatic processes of analysis and segmentation.

Ilaria Tiddi


Support Team Member

Ilaria Tiddi is a full time PhD student at the Knowledge Media Institute of the Open University working on Semantic Web technologies and Knowledge Discovery. Her research focuses on exploiting Linked Data to reveal and explain the unknown behaviour of data. The concerned areas are mostly Linked Data and Knowledge Discovery, but she also work(ed) on Knowledge Interpretation, Data Mining, Machine Learning.