SSSW 2016 – Tuesday

New day, new stories!

The day started early at the summer school. Yesterday morning many participants went out running at 6.45.

run 2 run

After a rich breakfast with cappuccino and croissants, everybody was ready for a very intense day!

Yesterday the game became hard: two tutorials on knowledge discovery given by Aldo Gangemi and Claudia d’Amato followed by an invited talk by Marta Sabou, and the kick-start of mini projects, which put into practice all the things learnt.

P1010157 P1010166

During the morning Aldo Gangemi showed how to apply knowledge engineering to the Semantic Web as a pattern science. Knowledge patterns are models or procedures that can be reused to improve the quality of data to be designed or extracted from existing content.


Claudia D’amato illustrated the knowledge discovery problem under the data mining perspective by showing how existing data mining methods could be useful for discovering hidden patterns of knowledge within ontological knowledge bases. She also presented the research problems that need to be addressed in order to apply them in the Semantic Web context.



The beautiful summer day made possible to organize something special for lunch: a picnic in the garden of the university residence.


In the afternoon Marta Sabou gave a very interesting speech illustrating the advent of the Industrie 4.0 movement and the renewed need and interest in realizing flexible and intelligent engineering solutions, which could be enabled with Semantic Web technologies.


After dinner, the atmosphere became much more fun with the “slide karaoke” game and another jam session with live music and wine.






“I enjoyed the day! I could learn a lot of a new things in a short period of time” said Newton Calegari, one of the students.

For now it is all. Another logbook tomorrow morning with the highlights from today!