SSSW 2016 – Wednesday

The atmosphere is getting warmer and warmer at the Summer school but this cannot be attributed only to the Mediterranean climate!

Will 24 hours be enough to learn, work, study, have fun and eat loads of Italian food?

There are so many things to do and the time is short, but students are working hard with contagious enthusiasm.

Yesterday many participants decided again to give a “BUONGIORNO” to the beautiful Bertinoro with an early morning run of 4 km.

run 3

During the morning the key argument was Data Management with a tutorial by Maria Esther Vidal and Axel Polleres. They discussed common challenges of building data workflows around integrating Open Data from heterogenous sources, as well as the role mediator architectures and integration techniques from the Databases world. Moreover, they discussed the role of the Semantic Web in this context: as a link to yesterday’s tutorial, ontologies and ontology-based inferencing techniques can be used to enrich and complete data, but also statistical machine-learning and knowledge discovery methods – combined with formalized background knowledge can be used to build more flexible data integration systems. The research tasks were focused on challenges such as building federated integration systems, combining (linked) open and closed data, as well as building and querying (linked) data archives.

axel axel maria esther

This was also the second day for students to work on their mini-projects. As we can see from the pictures, students are working hard to grow their teams stronger and be ready to do their best to achieve their goals.

DSC_1715 DSC_1731 DSC_1740



After a lunch with the typical “tortelloni”, we went back to the castle for the invited talk by Emanuele Della Valle. His speech focused on how digital reflection of our cities is sharpening and tracking their evolution with a decreasing delay. He remarked the risk of data piling up without easing decision making. He showed how stream reasoning (an approach to tame simultaneously the variety and velocity dimensions of Big Data) and advance visual analytics can support decision makers and discussed the lesson learnt.



After such a hard working day we decided to treat ourselves with a great pizza margherita in Bertinoro and then we relaxed with our traditional jam session.

IMG_2096 IMG_2098


For now it is all. Another logbook tomorrow morning with the highlights from today!